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Weatherprotected lsolating Switch

Each unitis supplied with screwed conduit plugs and screwed reducers for easy connection to 25mm or 20mm conduits and screw caps. Screw caps must be instsalled to ensure IP Rating.
The impact Resistant base and cover will survive the hardest knocks in almost any installation, The two sections are sealed with a one piece weather seal gasket.
For secutity, a 7mm diameter hole is provided for padlocking the lever in the OFF position. Deep moulsed barriers protect ht operating lever from physical abuse or accidental switching.
Clipsal No9Serles'l denticaps' will fit all screw holes for cirrcuit identification. All units are approved to AS3947-3AC22.
Mines, and, Energy, south, Australia, Approvais.
Standard colours are Grdy & White.

The UKF Series of Weatherprotected lsolating Swithoches is a robut range of swiches suitable for virtually any extemal application.
Included in the range are single, double and triple pole switches from 20 to 80 Amps. The base mouted mechanism provides for dasier termination and more wiring room. Switch dimen-sions are 165mm×82mm with an overall height of 85mm.
Fixed Earth and Neutral connector bard with dual clamping screws per tunnel provide equal astripping lengths and secure clamping for all cables. Terminal bore size 5×6.6mm.
A safety feature for mouting switches to metal structures is the insulating caps that cover base mounting screws to totally protect them from any live cables.

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