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GCK Withdrawable Switchgear Cubicle
GCK low voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for power distribution system with AC 50(60)Hz and rated working current up to 660V, applicable for power distribution equipment for ditribution, motor control and lighting. It conforms to relevant standards such as IEC60439-1,GB7251.1 and JB/T9661.
Structure Instruction
The assembled cubicle has its framework made of KB or KS profiles. The top is wide-open and the horizontal busbar is placed at the top with the cover open or not. A rear door is provided with the outgoing at the rear, facilitating mounting and
maintenance. The drawer can be operated with or without the door open. When the door is open, the drawer is employed with trigger two-position or three-position operation mechanism and screwed-type feeding mechanism; when the door is not
open, the drawer is employed with CXJG type operation mechanism. The primary plug-in is of new type without valve, ensuring more dependability. The rated current of unit loop is up to 600A and 1/2 unit drawer can reach macimum current
of 100A. The protection degree of the enclosure is IP3X-4X.
Main Characteristics
■The cubicle is of assembled structure, grids mounting, great versatility of parts and components, good applicability and high standarization level;
■The effective height of drawer cabinet is 1800mm with module height of 200mm / 300mm / 400mm / 500mm / 600mm;
■Cable compartment is situated at the upper, apparatus compartment at the front and cable access compartment at the rear, Steel plates or insulating plates are added as partition between each compartment as to ensure safety;
■The door of drawer compartment has mechanical interlock with the operating handle of circuit breaker or disconnect switch, therefore, it is opened only when the handle is in breaking position;
■Drawer of MCC switchgear is provided with three positions as making, testing and breaking;
■Material optional with galvanized cold rolled steel, galvanized steel or Aluminum-zinc coated steel.

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